Cody threw the alarm that woke him
in pieces against the wall
The two thousand dollar coffee machine
long stopped easing at all

Took a shower much too hot
and welcomed the soothing pain
His dog Alex begged for attention
persistently but in vain

Cody trained
as he was told
ran the race
for golden status
Cody’s told
to go for gold
Take it all
take it all

Cody ran for the train to catch
and did not notice the girl he passed
She desperately tried to catch his eye
but closing doors she saw last

He checked his list and ran the routine
had meetings with people he’d already seen
ordered for lunch the same as before
see ya tomorrow, computer asleep

On the way home he stopped at the store
and there was the girl he’d missed before
He bought an alarm and a snack for his pet
the best opportunity she’s ever had

She walked straight to him with her beautiful smile
and tapped on his back, his turn took a while
“I want you to take me out tonight”
He said “can’t, must work till late”

While tapping his laptop he thought
“business before all I’m taught
But every single night working late
Is not the life I like to lead”

Stuck between mortgage and image
an absolute shuffle he needs
The fun is gone, his big love is Alex
He just can’t find the needed deeds

Cody stop
and dance to your heartbeat
Diminished joy
long suffers defeat
Make the life
you live to love
Time’s all you need
and there’s enough

At first success gave him a rush
but money ran out of power
Emptiness filling his life grew darker
peer pressure final hour


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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