Tijdens eb en een noordwesten wind ging ik vlug
Wel wat vroeg op de dag met de fiets naar de zee
En de kite in de kar en een tas op mijn rug
En natuurlijk ging ook nog de dirtsurfer mee Over strandwal en brandingsrug kwam ik aan zee
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Snakes and ladders

I drove long I had to stop
“Open”- sign, a cross on top
Very hush I rang the bell
Suddenly a horsy smell
Blinked an eye; a man appeared
Hollow face and dirty beard
Different shoes, he missed an ear
Icecold look, he felt my fear
In my life I…
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Rollercoaster love

Like a thunderstruck
I fell in your love
Much too late to duck
Need to play it rough Looking in your eyes
Makes me loosin’ track
No’ just once bu’ twice
Pinch my arm to check Rollercoaster love
Not a brake can stop
Keepin’ my seat is tough
‘till you…
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The tongue and food are rich
A special price for us
The neighbour sings off pitch
His happiness’ the cause The ducks and geese are here
And fish that rocks the boat
All sounds familiar
No trouble on this road We’re back where we belong
The start of a new…
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Sudden Anchorman

A miracle draws
My focus to you
Your beauty’s the cause
I fall into I stare at your face
My heart’s in a rush
It tries to outpace
That hasty crush My ever dreamt love
Could this be my luck
Indicative of
A thunderstruck I am confident
That you’ll answer…
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It’s still me

I realised, a while ago
That we will be, many years from now
A pair in love, as if we’re young
Times to come, make us strong I love my life, with you my love
And I believe, that power true
We will build, on higher ground
Our own house,…
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