Crazy fish

The car gently slows down
when Cody shifts to neutral
Alex lays in the back
and hears softly her name call From purple to orange
the rising sun paints the sky
at a little green house
the car stops with a sigh Birds sing in augmented chords
when Cody moves…
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Drive home

White chalk lines direct me home
the floor’s covered with soda cans
can’t remember the last stop
cruise control takes a chance Don’t feel my feet, fingers are numb
full throttle in highest gear
refilling gas in sleepy routine
need the speed, get away from here It’s raining cats and…
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I throw a party
All glasses raised
You wrap your arms
around my waist You dance with pride
I hold you tight
You stay upright
In this lost fight I comb your hair
You find your rest
And lay your head
On my chest You hold my hand
And wink…
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Settling down

When Cody strokes Alex’s back
he mumbles things to her
about being his solid rock
during this great adventure The daily chat at the bakery
with people he’s getting to know
the quiet nights with all new dreams
the language which starts to flow Cody met an old fisherman
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Lovesong for Noli

Alex lays her head
with trust on Cody’s lap
He travels many miles
the wind is his roadmap The radio off the windows down
Alex’s tail sways with peace
Anger melts like snow in spring
Crossing many borders and seas The beaches
spread their arms
he feels welcome
when he…
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Flying over dusty roads I just need a snack
and there was a shop in sight so I held back I filled a bag with fruit gave the man his pay
and off I went to the hills a truly wonderful day Halfway the mountain road I finished all the…
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It’s hard
to enlighten his mind
see things
in brighter light
needs the spot
that’s missed
by his horizon Cody’s single soul
Longs for interaction
Working his way through hollow weeks
Long lost satisfaction A sole conversation
Richer than a chat
Solitary breakfasts
And an empty bed From time…
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At the office

The snitches and the clerks
the workers and the bosses
Marketing and economics
stimulated losses Departments do not integrate
Cut the costs according plan
Change the content of the product
Sell it in another land Ass of ceo black and blue
Filled in timesheets on a stack
Receptionist is gay…
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Artificial ambition

Cody threw the alarm that woke him
in pieces against the wall
The two thousand dollar coffee machine
long stopped easing at all Took a shower much too hot
and welcomed the soothing pain
His dog Alex begged for attention
persistently but in vain Cody trained
as he was told…
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