We met each other for life
I do remember that day
I want to cry it out loud (, but)
Really don’t know how to say
Words don’t hold my love
It will never be enough
How can I say that I care
Feelings do turn the words pale
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My nose stonecold
I shake off the snow
My hands are freezing
I open the door
Alex on her blanket
A weary sigh
I light a match
The wood’s very dry
I wish for you
To come back here
I need you back
I miss you, dear
I wish for…
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Loveletter leftover

Last year, I saw you
Loved your curly hair
Did not know what to do
Really wouldn’t dare I wrote you a letter
To declare my love so true
But never got one back
Longest year so blue Loveletter leftover
Shame is on my side
Loveletter leftover
You just hurt…
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When dice roll
The bets are set
I need to win
We’ve just met Cannot give in
The game is on
Give it a spin
The feeling’s strong The jackpot’s filled
The trump is hearts
My hand is open
Played all my cards The stakes are high
My fear still…
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It’s still me

I realised, a while ago
That we will be, many years from now
A pair in love, as if we’re young
Times to come, make us strong I love my life, with you my love
And I believe, that power true
We will build, on higher ground
Our own house,…
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The other side

I hope for her the table was set
He rose his glass when they met
I hope for him she’ll come to rest
And she will talk get it off her chest I hope for him a piano’s there
And he may join the twentysevens
I hope for them their…
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The day you called me honeybun
You said I was so sweet
You picked me a flower in the sun
I should have known that you’re no treat As soon as you could you parked your hum-
vee, in the lot of the girl nextdoor
Your excuses don’t count for…
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Full Attention

You’ ve stumbled onto, a religious cult
The moment I fell in love
My body wants you, but that’s an insult
To that power above Last night I’ve cried, on the wall you’ve build
It blocks my every try
The yearning inside, never fullfilled
Makes me wanne die A cold…
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De belangrijkste financieel adviseur van meneer R. had een oogje op de vrouw van meneer R. Zij was hem op het eerste personeelsuitje met aanhang opgevallen en had haar gepord op Facebook. Cecilia voelde zich de laatste tijd wat verwaarloosd door meneer R. en stuurde een vriendschapsverzoek terug. Een volgend…
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