I hope for her the table was set
He rose his glass when they met
I hope for him she’ll come to rest
And she will talk get it off her chest

I hope for him a piano’s there
And he may join the twentysevens
I hope for them their fans still care
So they can play all seven heavens

I hope I’m wrong about this life
About our time on this side
I feel I’m wrong when I say
That it all just stops on the day we die

I hope for the ones who knew starvation
They can feast forever more
I hope for the ones who died in a war
They be in peace on the other side

I hope we live in the minds of those
We left behind who we love most
I hope it for them who felt their life
Was not set to step the line

Suppose I’m right when we go
That it ends in a void and stops right here
Then I would like you to know
I loved the time with you my dear


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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