A miracle draws
My focus to you
Your beauty’s the cause
I fall into

I stare at your face
My heart’s in a rush
It tries to outpace
That hasty crush

My ever dreamt love
Could this be my luck
Indicative of
A thunderstruck

I am confident
That you’ll answer me
You’re my complement
Like lock and key

Then you turn to me
And take both my hands
I don’t disagree
You start to dance

We sway to the sea
Over mountains too
You whisper to me
I long for you

In a gaze I knew my man
Never had a secret plan
Least expected overran
Love my sudden anchorman


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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