I drove long I had to stop
“Open”- sign, a cross on top
Very hush I rang the bell
Suddenly a horsy smell
Blinked an eye; a man appeared
Hollow face and dirty beard
Different shoes, he missed an ear
Icecold look, he felt my fear

In my life I am the star
All my virtues, best by far
To kill time I play a game
Snakes and ladders is the name

By his side a thunderdog
Showed his teeth; I got in shock
His mom came in a black gown
In a sec the sun went down
Smiled at me, I felt her breath
Rotten teeth a sign of meth
Empty looks, her son and she
Then she said “just come with me”

“For the night I show your room”
Smelled a stench and old perfume
We walked on a filthy floor
Stained with blood old bedroom door
Bed too small for cockroach’ nest
Paintings black, a wooden chest
Window sight; a red brick wall
Got the key; a chain with skull

So I sat in an old chair
Thinking “what I’m doing here?”
I went out to find that guy
Hoping he could help me find
Getting back to my own car
For my stuff; could not be far
Something’s fishy ‘bout this place
It’s the entrance of a maze

So I walked the corridor
Looking for the exit-door
I got stuck a sticky floor
I was scared the longer more
Tried to run, I lost my shoes
I yelled “Why? Payed all my dues”
Heard a voice that said to me
“Find your way and you’ll be free”

Just that door was what I need
Every try did not succeed
Gave it up,  … finally
Now I’m here, eternally
Made new friends with all who’s stuck
They all had the same bad luck
To kill time we play a game
Snakes and ladders is the name


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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