When Rod was three
his mom found out he could see
more than normal people do;
a third eye with a clear view

Rod made a drawing of a knife
in the hand of an angry wife
and two blocks from Rods house
a woman knived her spouse

When Rod was nine
he kept his parents from flying
the news of that night
was the crash of their flight

When Rod was twelve
he had foreseen plenty
But he did not foresee
falling in love relentlessly

When Rod was twenty five
happily married with his wife
swiftly left this den
foresaw her with some other men

When Rod was thirty five
He knew he’d left a decade of life
This reoccurring vision of his end
was a fact he could not withstand

Knew when where and how he’d go
He was not pleased to know
Tried to outsmart his fate
Committed suicide at high rate

Every try did not succeed
Figured he’d stay alive indeed
Untill that predestined day
Years from then, the third of may

So Rod went off, free of charge
did all God forbid at large
Made a lot of enemies and friends
But to outrun his fate, not a chance

The third of may is close
the day that he would die
he tried to outrun fate
but his visions do not lie

He headed to his tomb
a cave in the Provence
he dreamt it countless times
In the South East of France

Just before he had to go
He laid himself in the deep
he sang a song his mother sung
when he could not sleep

He got overwhelmed by peace
a feeling not for long
he had a vision of a light
and a calling very strong

He stretched himself to get up
his limbs seemed to float
the voices kept whispering
To cross the Styx by boat

Now he has crossed
and paid his due
He met other souls
he already knew

The ferryman smiles
when he meets an old friend
he helps him aboard
and firmly shakes his hand


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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