I realised, a while ago
That we will be, many years from now
A pair in love, as if we’re young
Times to come, make us strong

I love my life, with you my love
And I believe, that power true
We will build, on higher ground
Our own house, grand and new

If you can’t see, I will show
When you’re hurt, I will hold
I shall find, when you’re lost
But who am I, when you’re gone?

I know you, my true love
The reason for my heart to beat
The empty void, that would appear
When fate took you away from me

Please don’t leave, without a sign
Let me prepare myself if so
Taking off is just fine
But I would like to know

Now you’re gone left me the key
Took a huge part of me
You want some air and much more light
Held you too long and much too tight

Can’t you see, I can show
That I’m hurt, so please hold
No one will find, I’m so lost
But it’s still me, and you’re gone

It seems that I, heartbroke alone
May survive this emptiness
Step by step, rebuild my life
I’ll always miss you none-the-less


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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