The day you called me honeybun
You said I was so sweet
You picked me a flower in the sun
I should have known that you’re no treat

As soon as you could you parked your hum-
vee, in the lot of the girl nextdoor
Your excuses don’t count for nothing
I really can’t take it no more

Don’t you call me honey
Ain’t no sugar nomore
I’d rather be in solitude
Than let you in my door

Don’t you call me honeybee
Nothing you buzzed is true
Do not try to ever come back
The sweet is gone and so are you

Don’t look back or stall
Just get out of my life
Don’t give me a call
When you’re back in your hive

Tell your friends you’re back
That you’ll run their game
Swarm the flowers every day
Eternally the same


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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