Went for a nice walk
along the beach
along the sandy way
the waves gained reach
I witnessed a parade
unbelievable great
of breasts backs bellies
and bottoms

Like a broken remote, runs through
dozens of channels
words of different lingo
reached my ear
and zapp me back
to the tower of Babel
very similar arguments
I did hear

The black and red gallery
of bodily artwork
I happily walked by
was one of a kind
bodycovering murals
and tiny patchwork
with dragons tribals symbols
and thoughts of mind

Suddenly I was
surrounded by willies
with different haircuts
they stood as a crew
they all threatened me
to rip my pants off
the global goal was
to free mine too

I kept my speedo
but walked on faster
the first worn textile
came in sight
and my heartrate
came back to normal
I focussed my view
and controlled my fright

I walked and tripped
over floating devices
and I saw flipflops
tumble in waves
by hippies hosted
kitesurf areas
and digging fathers
hiding in caves

The parasols resemble
a sea of flowers
the smell of different suncreams
got stronger in a while
I then realised
I had to go back
I turned around
and ran for a while

There they were again
those damn naked willies
larger and more
than on my way in
they kept staring at me
with that one eye
I felt them brushing agains my skin

I swiftly walked on
and kept my pace
and when I was home
I cut the chase
I wondered why
I had to be scared
of a number of
not so tough willies

The bare fact
became clear in a while
it’s not the number
nor the size

a tanned one
looks much better
than a pale one
on the run


Ik ben een teruggetrokken, enigszins zwaar op de hand zijnde oude Brabander, met een ongeorganiseerde stroom gedachten.

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